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We are a proud installer for laminate counters tops for Contour Countertops as well as in stock counters from your local Lowe’s stores.

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Laminate – Wilsonart®, Formica®

Laminate countertops combine beauty, durability and easy maintenance with affordability. With exciting new colors, textures and patterns, you’ll discover whole new dimension of laminate. With a long history of advances in design and craftsmanship laminate countertops have always been the best surfacing value.

Durable ♦ Great Value ♦ Easy to Maintain ♦ Design Flexibility

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Care & Maintenance for Laminate Countertops

Routine Care – To clean the surface, use a damp cloth or sponge and a mild soap or detergent. Difficult stains such as coffee or tea can be removed using a mild household cleaner and baking soda mixed to achieve a paste consistency. Use a stiff nylon bristle brush, scrubbing (approx. 15-20 strokes) the affected area. Do not scrub surface hard to damage or scratch the surface finish.

Stubborn stains that resist simple cleaning methods may require the use of undiluted household bleach or nail polish remover. Use a cotton ball saturated with bleach or nail polish remover (acetone); gently rub the stain for up to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and wipe dry using a soft cloth. This step may be repeated if the stain appears to be going away and the color of the laminate has not been affected.

WARNING: Prolonged exposure of the laminate surface to bleach will cause discoloration. Always rinse laminate surfaces after cleaning! Failure to rinse after cleaning can cause damage; even if a small amount of cleaning solution remains on the surface. A dry chemical residue may be activated by moisture from cups or drinks resulting in permanently etched scars or stains over time.

Recommended Household Cleaners:

  • Formula 409®
  • Windex®
  • Dawn®
  • Lestoil®
  • Glass Plus®
  • Pledge®
  • Grease Relief®
  • Fantastik®
  • Dow Bathroom Cleaner®
  • Mr. Clean®
  • Favor®
  • Lysol® Brand Disinfectant Basin/Tub/Tile

All registered marks are trademarks of their respective companies.

Preventing Water and Other Damage

  • Excessive or standing water on seams and backsplash areas will cause swelling, which cannot be repaired.
  • Avoid placing small appliances such as coffee makers, roaster ovens, or crock-pots directly on seams. The steam generated from the appliance can cause swelling, which cannot be repaired.
  • Never place hot pots or dishes on unprotected laminate surfaces; extreme heat damage cannot be repaired.
  • Gloss finishes are not recommended for countertop use.
  • Acidic or abrasive cleaners can damage laminate surfaces; do not use them. Drain cleaners containing lye will permanently damage the laminate surface. If you spill a drain cleaner, wipe it up immediately and rinse several times with water.
  • Hair, textile and food dyes can cause permanent stains. If dye should happen to spill, wipe it up immediately with dishwashing detergent or an all-purpose cleaner.
  • Do not work with oven cleaners on unprotected countertops. Wipe spills away promptly and rinse several times with water.
  • Rust removers contain harsh chemicals, which will quickly cause permanent damage. If a spill occurs, wipe off all residues immediately; wash thoroughly with soapy water and rinse several times.
  • Steel wool and other abrasive pads will damage the laminate face. Do not use them for cleaning and don’t store steel wool pads on your countertop; the metal can rust and leave stains.
  • Toilet bowl cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can cause permanent damage. If spills occur, wipe up immediately, wash surface with soapy water and rinse several times.

Remember, sharp objects can damage the surface of laminate; marring its beauty and lowering wear and stain resistance. Although high pressure laminates are somewhat resistant to scratch and marring, the surface can be damaged, even under normal use.

Source: Wilsonart Laminate