Big change in color and storage!

For this remodel our homeowner wanted to get rid of the old soffits and add more storage. They did the demo of the old cabinets and the soffit but ran into some bumps in the road. The old soffit was not finished behind it with sheet rock which we see a lot and the wires for parts of the kitchen ran through it. Several of the electrical wires were too short and they had to have an electrician do some changes. Turned out well!

Install in progress

This install has been a long time in coming for our customer. They changed walls and windows to make room for a new kitchen.  Its coming along nicely. I really like the two colors.


Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen

How High Should You Hang Your Upper Kitchen Cabinets?

webuser_12021 on Houzz
Great read about cabinet hanging. Sometimes the standard size can and should be adjusted.

More storage

Continuing with the before and after transformation. New cabinets go all the way to the slider and the peninsula is gone now.


Fresh color


We love the new cabinets, the color is fresh and modern looking! A new layout brightens the space and gives much more storage space.

Common kitchen measurements

I ran across this great info page on while looking up my faucet. It has some really good information about kitchen measurements. It shows you what typical measurements are , explains the work triangle you often hear about and much more. Oh and Delta.. they make great faucets and their customer service is wonderful!

Demo day!

Demo day is so exciting. It makes the whole process seem very real, very fast! Forget what you see on some of the DYI shows.. Don’t use that sledgehammer on your cabinets or counters.  While it looks fun, and can be, it seems a waste. Often you can pull the old cabinets and counter tops out and save them. They work great in the garage for extra storage. You can sell them on Craigslist, or put an ad in the local paper. Habitat for Humanity will take them, your local good will or thrift store is a great place to ask as well.

Before and after pictures

Another fun before and after!


The before cabinets were still in good shape. Starting to wear a bit. The new ones are a rich cherry with more drawer space.

Counter before and after


The old tile counter top edge was coming off and missing in spots.

New tops are plastic laminate. New full tile backsplash is being done by the homeowner.