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Before and after pictures of installs

Before and after more storage and updated cabinets.

Before and after green!

Not quite the same angle but wow! I We love the green color!

Before and after water damage

  This project has been fun, our homeowner had water damage and many delays related to insurance processes. What a nice change as things get installed and looking great.

Bellmont Cabinets

Some before and after pictures and inside of one of the pantry cabinets being installed. This line of cabinets are Bellmont. Very nice quality cabinets. We love how easy the drawers adjust and how heavy duty the construction is.

What a change!

        Several before and after shots. What a huge difference in this home. Tons of work was done to get ready for cabinets. Windows and walls changed. Tile removed, new paint! Wow!

Buffet before and after

  This space was used for setting up buffet gatherings. When the counter tops get installed it will be wonderful.  

Another before and after

This install features a new fresh color, or colors! The base cabinets are a different color from the upper wall cabinets. A trend we are seeing a lot of.

Big change in color and storage!

For this remodel our homeowner wanted to get rid of the old soffits and add more storage. They did the demo of the old cabinets and the soffit but ran into some bumps in the road. The old soffit was not finished behind it with sheet rock which we see a lot and the wires …

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Fresh color

  We love the new cabinets, the color is fresh and modern looking! A new layout brightens the space and gives much more storage space.

Before and after pictures

Another fun before and after!   The before cabinets were still in good shape. Starting to wear a bit. The new ones are a rich cherry with more drawer space.