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What Designers want you to have ready when you call.

Check out this post from Houzz about what your cabinet designer will want to have when you get ready to proceed with your project. Some things wont apply to your situation but a good read for what to expect.   Here’s What Designers Want You to Have Ready When You Call

Open Shelving for your kitchen?

Another popular trend has been to have open shelves in the kitchen. Most of the projects we have been involved with have been a small section of shelves, not a whole wall. Check out the article below from Houzz. They list both pro and con views of a couple of kitchen designers. Both feel there …

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Should you stay at home or move out during your kitchen remodel? Check out this interesting article on what others are doing.

Moving Out vs. Staying Put for a Kitchen Remodel

Check out these great ideas and pictures from Houzz!

32 Home Design Trends That Will Rule in 2019 

Before and after more storage and updated cabinets.

Beautiful Hickory ~ Interesting Island

Island front and back. Crown details and progress pictures of the install.

A look at more of the green cabinets.

The sink wall with demo all done and after the cabinets are installed. Counters are next! Love the green Island! And a look at the full kitchen! Love the floor as well!

Before and after green!

Not quite the same angle but wow! I We love the green color!

Baking center and more!


Another multi colored design

The new cabinets look wonderful. We see a lot of multi colored designs. The dark counter you see on the peninsula was made by the homeowner and turned out really nice. Old cabinets pictured below for contrast.