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Baking center and more!


Another multi colored design

The new cabinets look wonderful. We see a lot of multi colored designs. The dark counter you see on the peninsula was made by the homeowner and turned out really nice. Old cabinets pictured below for contrast.

Great tips from Houzz on how to organize your kitchen for good.

Great ideas for your kitchen. Its so true, you get used to the space and somethings you don’t “see” anymore. How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers for Good


More on this install. Counters are in now, so the appliance garage could go in and the upper trim finished! Next is wall tile the homeowner will install.

What a change!

        Several before and after shots. What a huge difference in this home. Tons of work was done to get ready for cabinets. Windows and walls changed. Tile removed, new paint! Wow!

Fun gray color!

  The old cabinets were in good shape still.   The new gray color is wonderful, and fun to work with!

Colored grout??

Another new trend we are seeing! Check out these color ideas from Houzz. Might be just what your looking for! Is Colorful Grout the Next Big Trend in Tile Design?

Brand new space

For this install, it was a brand new space our homeowner wanted for guests and to perhaps rent out from time to time. What a view!

Install in progress

This install has been a long time in coming for our customer. They changed walls and windows to make room for a new kitchen.  Its coming along nicely. I really like the two colors.  

Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen

Key Measurements to Help You Design Your Kitchen