Before and after pictures

Another fun before and after!


The before cabinets were still in good shape. Starting to wear a bit. The new ones are a rich cherry with more drawer space.

Counter before and after


The old tile counter top edge was coming off and missing in spots.

New tops are plastic laminate. New full tile backsplash is being done by the homeowner.

11 Must-Haves in a Designer’s Dream Kitchen

Check out some of these interesting ideas from Houzz.. I love the base drawers!
11 Must-Haves in a Designer’s Dream Kitchen

Fresh look…


Old cabinets were in good shape but showing their age being over 20 years old. New ones are KraftMaid in Kirkland Hickory.

What about all those dishes…

So your remodeling your kitchen and planning on tearing out the whole thing, fresh new start and all that!

But how are you going to do those dishes?

Many homeowners end up doing their dishes in their bathtub! One way to make it easier is to set up your tub with a dishpan or two. Check out all the inexpensive dishpans at Amazon. Another thing you might consider is getting a small folding step stool to sit on while your scrubbing. Take a look at these stools.  Stepstools at Amazon. Often you can find used items at your local thrift stores as well.


Check out these ideas from Houzz

Before and After

White are the new cabinets!


This home owner wanted taller cabinets for more storage and the layout was changed a little.

Before / After

Interesting space! This was a fun install.

Before / After

The white cabinets are the “before”

New Counter tops

Old counter tops were tile with missing and broken tile in places. New counters are in and looking great.

New wall tile our customer is installing will complete the look!