Before and After

White are the new cabinets!


This home owner wanted taller cabinets for more storage and the layout was changed a little.

Before / After

Interesting space! This was a fun install.

Before / After

The white cabinets are the “before”

New Counter tops

Old counter tops were tile with missing and broken tile in places. New counters are in and looking great.

New wall tile our customer is installing will complete the look!

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New cabinets are installed. Microwave is in and it is starting to look like a kitchen again.

img_20161116_134042991 img_20161116_134056054 img_20161116_134100625 img_20161116_134112357 img_20161116_134117170



Demo is going well. As you can see over the years this house has had other updates!

Out with the old!

Today starts another install.  But first we must get rid of the old cabinets and wall tile!


The journey along the way

As we travel down the road, our journey in life if you will,  it is the small day to day bits that make up a life or a project.

Sometimes in our rush to get there we can miss so much.  Consider your remodel another journey, one we are taking with you !  Try to enjoy the all the little things as you go down that road, even the “bumps” !